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Radio Frequency Power Capacity Tester

RF Power Capacity tester is designed to measure Radio Frequency power capacity of passive components under band 0.7GHz - 2.6GHz,such as Cavity Spatial filter,duplexer,combiner,antenna, load,isolator, and jumper.The tester case is also available to enable users to perform testing under extreme temperature and low air pressure.

Product Features

  • All bands of China Mobile are covered in PIM testing

  • Programmable wide band frequency synthesizer and Internal testing control system are embedded in the tester

  • 3000W pulse wave power output

  • 600W continuous wave power output

  • Built-in test controlling system

  • Built-in programable broadband frequency synthesizer

  • Both reversed PIM and trasmitted PIM testing are available

  • Multiple reporting formats are available, such as Word, Excel and PDF.

  • Testing protection under circumstances of open circuit or short circuit.

  • Alert warning of inner overheat, overpressured, and overpower

  • Reversed power protection is available

  • Simple to operate,user-friendly bilingual (English/Chinese) 

Technical Specifications


Measurement    MethodFixed Frequency + Fixed Power test 

Fixed Frequency + increasing power test 

Fixed Power + Sweep frequecy points
Testing    TerminalType N    sweeping frequency points (Continous wave power ≤ 200W)

Type DIN sweeping frequency points(Continous wave power > 200W) 
User Terminal2×USB
Display8.4“ LCD

RF Characterstics

Frequencies    increment200kHz/500kHz/1MHz/2MHz/5MHz
Frequency accurancy±3ppm
Maximum continus wave power200 to 500W (by rank)
Maximum pulse wave power1000 to 3000W (by rank)
Power Stepping0.5dB
Power accuracy±0.5dBm


Mains Power AC single phase 175-250V, 50Hz


Dimensions/Weight19 "Standard Rack / Approximately 200kg


Operating Temperature Range-5℃ to +35 ℃
Relative Humidity5% to 90% RH no-condensing
Protection GradeIndoor Use


 Telecommunication StandardTX FrequencyRX Frequency
1800MHzDCS 18001805-1880MHz1710-1785MHz
1900MHzPCS 1900/LTE1930-1990MHz1850-1910MHz
2100MHzWCDMA/CDMA 20002110-2170MHz1920-2060MHz
3500MHzWiMAX/Wireless IP3510-3594MHz3410-3484MHz


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