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Portable PIM Analyzers

2015091853763481.jpgPIM×××WP Portable PIM Analyzers which apply to GSM/CDMA/WCDMA/TD-LTE network have functions of PIM test ,spectrum test,SWR test and PIM Positioning test and remote controlling via ipad or mobile phone.  Analyzers which improve the service performance of base stations help users evaluate the condition of  jump cables,passive components,and antenna feed system in base station project construction,network maintenance and interference investigation.

The PIM analyzers which have features of waterproof,shockproof and dust proof  are in small size and light weight,also they are equipped with large screen and high light LCD to make users use it conveniently outdoor. 


  • Reliable and capable, designed with end user in mind

  • Fully configurable frequencies, power and IM products

  • Single band type and dual band type

  • Waterproof,shockproof and dustproof 

  • Calibrated for output power and input PIM levels

  • Simple to operate, user-friendly, bilingual (English/Chinese)

  • Three measurement methods:dot frequency,frequency sweep and time domain

  • Analyzed result can be exported in reporting format of Microsoft Word/Excel/PDF

  • Data generated can be exported to ACCESS format



Measurement MethodReverse (Reflected) PIM
Measurable orderIM3/IM5/IM7/IM9
Reflected Residual PIM<-122dBm/-165dBc(Normal Level:<-125dBm)
Testing Port1x RF output (7/16 DIN female)   

1x RF input    (N female)(Option)
Displaysingle band type: 5.7"    dual band type8.4"
Frequency Stepping1MHz/2MHz/5MHz/10MHz
Frequency Accuracy±3ppm
Power per tone (adjustable)2x1to 25W (+30 to +44dBm in 1dB increments)
Power Accuracy±0.5dBm
Reversed Power Protection100W
Measurement Noise Floor≤-138dBm
Receiver Measurement Range-55dBm to -135dBm
Mains Power AC 175-250v, 50Hz
AC Power450W
Warming-up Time3 Minutes
Dimensions/WeightSingle-band type:540x300x230mm (LxWxH)  13Kg

Dual-band type:400x290x190mm (LxWxH)      20Kg
Operating Temperature Range-10℃ to +35 ℃ 
Protection ClassIP20(Opening),IP63(Closing)
Relative Humidity5% to 90% RH no-condensing


Frequency Range9KHz to 3.6GHz
Aging Rate<1ppm per year
Spectrum Measurement Range20dBm to -110dBm
Temperature Drift<0.5ppm
Frequency Resolution1Hz
RBW1KHz - 3MHz, 1-3 stepping
VBW30Hz - 1MHz, 1-3 stepping
Reference Level Range+20dBm to -90dBm
Level AccuracyNormal Level ≤±1.5dB at span
Scanning Rate500ms to 2000 ms
Marking ModePeak Searching
Input PortN type port
Input Impedance50 Ohm
Input VSWR<1.5 (700to 2700MHz)

Standing Wave Ratio(OPTION2)

Range of SWR



Range of SWR0~100dB

PIM Location(OPTION4)

Distance of Location(Max)0.35~200m
Accuracy of Location ≤0.5m
Resolution of Location


PIM900WP       GSM935-960MHz890-915 MHz
PIM1800WP     DCS18001805-1880 MHz1710-1785 MHz
PIM2100WP     WCDMA/CDMA2000/TD2110-2170 MHz1920-2060MHz
PIM2400WP     WLAN2400-2483.5MHz2305-2336.5MHz
PIM2600WP     WiMAX/UMTS2/LTE2620-2695MHz2545-2580MHz
700PL Frequency Band         LTE-L728-746MHz698-716MHz
700PH Frequency Band         LTE-H728-757MHz776-787MHz
800P    Frequency Band         CDMA869-894MHz824-849MHz
900P    Frequency Band         GSM934-960MHz889-915MHz
900PE  Frequency Band         EGSM925-960MHz880-915MHz
1800P  Frequency Band         DCS/LTE FDD1.8G
1900P  Frequency Band         DCS/LTE FDD1.8G1930-1990MHz1850-1910MHz
P-F  Frequency Band              TD-LTE(F Frequency Band)1900-1915MHz1880-1890MHz
P-A  Frequency Band              TD-LTE(A Frequency Band)2017.5/2025MHz2010MHz
P-E  Frequency Band              TD-LTE(E Frequency Band)2345-2370MHz2320-2330MHz
2100P  Frequency Band          WCDMA/LTE FDD2.1G2110-2170MHz1920-2060MHz
2400P  Frequency Band          WLAN2400-2483.5MHz2305-2336.5MHz
2600P  Frequency Band          LTE 26002620-2690MHz2545-2580MHz

* Customized

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