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Fast Test system for Passive Components

FST series passive components fast testing system provides quick testing solution for directional coupler,power splitter,jumper and attenuator.The system provided quick and precise benchmark measurements including PIM level, VSWR in all terminals,insertion loss,coupling factor deviation, directivity and degree of attenuation.The product has been well recognized by customers.

Product Features

  • Autotesting of PIM and S reference points and detailed analysis of measurement data and product qualification

  • 10 times quicker than manual Antenna testing, and user friendly

  • Autosave function is available for screen and data testing.

  • All bands of China Mobile are covered in PIM testing

  • Large data storage room

  • Bar code scanning

  • Measure accurately,high repeatability

Technical Specifications


System ComponentsMulti-band PIM    Analyzer / Vector network Analyzer / Low PIM switch-box / Quick test fixture
Testing Terminal3~5 ×N type test port
User Interface4×USB,1×LAN

PIM Analyzer

Testing Band Frequency800/900/1800/1900/2100/2700M
Power per tone (adjustable)2×1 to 25W (+30 to +44dBm in 1dB increments)
Power Stability±0.5dB
Reserve power protection100W
Third-Order Product≤-163dBc@2×+43dBm
Measurement Noise Floor≤-138dBm
Receiving Accuracy±0.5 @ -100dBm

Low PIM switch-box

IM3 Output-120dBm@2×=43dBm

Quick test fixture

Gas source input0.4Mpa to 0.6Mpa
Testing cable VSWR≤1.15 0~3G
IM3 Output-120dBm@ 2×+43dBm


Dimensions/Weight19"standard rack / 150Kg


Temperature Range-5℃ to +35℃

Product Category

 Model SeriesMeasurement Benchmark
FTS-LACoaxial load / attenuator quick testing systemPIM/accuracy / Pass band Ripple (dB) / VSWR in all terminals
FTS-DCDirectional coupler quick testing systemPIM/accuracy / Insertion Loss / Pass band Ripple (dB) / VSWR /    Degree of Seperation
FTS-CACoaxial cable quick testing systemInsertion Loss / Pass Band Ripple (dB) / VSWR
FTS-SPPower splitter quick testing systemInsertion Loss / Pass Band Ripple (dB) / VSWR
FTS-CCustomer tailored quick testing systemCustomized


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