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Single Band PIM Analyzers

The Single-Band PIM Analyzers which cover 350~3500MHZ frequancy band are used for measuring PIM on broadband passive components (such as base station antenna ,RF connector ,cavity filter, arrester,jump cable,low PIM termination,ect) .These have two measurement models---"Production Mode" and "Engeering Mode " which makes more convenient and accurate observation and analysis of the results of measurement.There are two different configuration of single band analyzers--- "6U type" and "3U type" as follows:

6U type:

6U type has conventional structure with larger inner capacity, which is great for heat dissipation under high-temperature environment.

3U type:

3U  type is assembled by two cases. It has two outstanding features. Firstly, interference has been greatly reduced by separating RF amplifier and duplexer 

receiver. Secondly, the Multiple Band Analyzer can be easily assembled by connecting different Single-Band Analyzers via cables. 


Product Features

  • Fully configurable frequencies, power and IM products

  • High intergration density,no need to build complicated platform

  • Simple to operate, user-friendly bilingual (English/Chinese) 

  • Reflect (standard) and transmit(option)

  • Data stored

  • Barcode scannnig(option)

  • Insertion loss compensation fuction gurantees testing accuracy

  • Double reflector ports test with one click(option)

  • Three methods of  measurement :Dot frequency,Frequency sweep and Time domain 

  • All bands of China Mobile are covered in PIM testing

  • Analyzed result can be exported in format of Microsoft Word/Excel/PDF.

Technical Specifications


Measurement MethodReverse (Reflected) PIM /  Transmitted PIM
Reversed Reisdual PIM< -165dBc@2×+43dBm
Trasmission Reisdual PIM< -163dBc@2×+43dBm
Testing  Ports2×RF output (7/16 DIN female)
User Interface4×USB,1×LAN
Intermodulation orderIM2 / IM3 / IM5 / IM7 / IM9


Frequency   Increment200KHz/500kHz/1MHz/2MHz/5MHz/10MHz
Frequency Accurancy±3ppm
Power per tone (adjustable)2×1 to 25W (+30 to +44dBm )
Power Stepping0.5dB
Power Stablity±0.5dB
Reverse Power  Protection100W


Measurement  Noise Floor≤-138dBm
Measurement Range-55dBm to -138dBm
Receiver Accuracy≤±0.5@-100dBm


Mains PowerAC 175-250V,50Hz
AC Power450W
Warm-up Time3 Minutes


Dimensions/Weight6U: 470×500×285mm (L×W×H)/approx    30kg

3U×2: 2×480×500×132mm (L×W×H)/approx    30kg
CoolingForced Air 


Operating Temperature Range-5 ℃to +35℃
Protection GradeIndoor Use
Relative Humidity5% to 90% RH no-condensing


SystemTX FrequancyRX Frequency
PIM1800SDCS 18001805-1880MHz1710-1785MHz
PIM1900SPCS 1900/LTE1930-1990MHz1850-1910MHz
PIM2100SWCDMA/CDMA 20002110-2170MHz1920-2060MHz
PIM3500SWiMAX/Wireless IP3510-3594MHz3410-3484MHz

* Customized

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