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PIMTEK Instrument Co., LTD is a well recognized technology and software development company which formed in 2006 by experienced engineering team with oversea background, and located in the Zhen Jiang high-tech R&D industrial Park. PIMTEK provides testing and measurement solutions, passive Intermodulation (PIM) testing analyzer and its accessories including Radio   Frequency (RF) components and low PIM components.

During last nine years, PIMTEK has built solid relationship with more than 160 telecommunication manufacturing businesses across China and teamed-up with numerous well-respected Chinese scientific research units for technology product upgrades e.g. Department of Wireless Engineering of Jiangsu University and Tsinghua University.

PIMTEK has been granted with numerous qualifications including exceptional small to medium sized technology innovated business certificate, the superior high technology business certificate, high and new technology products certificate, and certificate of signature product verified by international standard. On the other hand, PIMTEK also acquired the PIM analyzing software copyright and patents such as “microwave RF low PIM passive power load”, “RF cable connected low PIM and reversed PIM testing isolator”, and “base station antenna comprehensive fast testing system”.

PIMTEK aims to provide technically differentiated offerings and a more effective use of resources to deliver highest quality services to the customers.


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